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Your moments, in all facets of beauty

A well-established team, a symbiosis of creativity and unique images of your wedding

Your wedding is a unique and special day to which you will certainly remember for a very long time.

You are interested in the benefits of booking two wedding photographers? Here you can read more:

Getting Ready:

Your big day begins with a lot of excitement, tension and anticipation.

These wonderful emotions are sneaking up a few days before the wedding, but on the wedding day you are mostly overwhelmed by your feelings.

No matter what kind of wedding you are celebrating, your big day begins with the preparations and styling of the bride and groom.

You already have very shaky hands, you could not have breakfast, and wish you nothing more than to finally stand before the wedding-altar and give your souls partner the yes-word.

Just this time, is an incredibly beautiful moment. You are both excited and under tension, but you can't see your partner. Maybe you have even got a little love letter on the way, or learn the last lines of your very own marriage-vow. How beautiful it is to return to this particular moment in many years.

Your advantage: We both are coming together! Thus, each of us can take time to accompany you individually and there is no need for time and hustle and bustle.

First Look:

You are styled and on the way to your future partner, how exciting! Quickly a snapshot before the Frankfurt skyline before you finally hold your arms. We accompany each of you to the familiar "first look" and can thus capture the perspective of each one of you, so we certainly do not miss a tear :)

The Wedding Ceremony:

The great moment has come. If you haven't seen yourself before the wedding, this is an even more exciting moment. The bridegroom is already at the front of the ceremony altar and is waiting anxiously for the first glance of his beautiful bride whom he can catch. The bride still sorts her dress quickly, the heart races with excitement, for she will be the center of all her guests.

Here, too, we split up and keep the path to your start into a new life.

Even during the wedding, nothing escapes us. So we can take you from different perspectives without disturbing you and your guests at the ceremony.

Your aunt Frieda from Argentina came explicitly to your wedding? It's a pity if you have only a one-sided photo of congratulations. We as your wedding photographers have the opportunity to work from different perspectives.

Bridal Couple Shooting:

The images of your life with which you and your family will adorn the wall.

A small window of time in which you can be for yourselves, far from the hustle and bustle of your celebration. This moment you should enjoy, because it won't come back so fast on your great wedding day.

We accompany you together, not only to be able to take photos from different perspectives at the same time, but also to give you a little guidance. Posing is not really our language, because we want to encourage you to be close and enjoy the time alone. Only in this way can our wonderfully natural images of your wedding arise.

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