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of Wedding-Photography

Your Engagement-Shooting in a location of your choice. We create a small choice of pictures, perfect for Save-The-Date- or Invitation-Cards.

Your Wedding-Day it something very special and unique. We accompany you from the Getting-Ready till late night of your party and capture all your and your guests wonderful moments and emotions for eternity.

Ideal for all bridal couples who love to take pictures in a relaxing and silent mood some time after the wedding. A couple-shooting on a different day won't let guests wait and worry about the weather.

Every bridal couple should have a wedding-album. There is almost nothing more beautiful than remembering your great day after many many years. Our high-quality and individual wedding-albums are very suitable for that purpose. Here you can find more...

This fun-maker shouldn't be missed out on your party. The foto-box comes along with vintage-background and a suitcase with accessories to your wedding. Warning: Addictive potential!!!

Thank You

You aren't so much into design and layout and yet wish extraordinary "Thank you"-Cards for your guests? We will gladly take over that part to create individual and personal cards with your selected words.


for your glorious day

La petite wedding-report

Our package for your wedding

6 hours

  • Personal initial-meeting

  • Couple/Portrait-Shooting

  • Getting Ready, bride and groom are getting prepared for the day (optional)

  • Photographic accompanying of the wedding-ceremony

  • Group-pictures of family/friends

  • Bridal-Couple Shooting

  • Photographic accompanying of the party

  • About 350 edited photos in high resolution

  • Online-Galerie for you and your guests

  • 30 Prints 5x7 in

  • Best-of Slideshow

* Two photographers for the most important things on your wedding-day (4-5 hours)

During the main wedding months (April-October), we are available on weekends only for 8-hour day trips.

For detailed information, we will be pleased to send you our offer and price list. Just write us a message.


If you already have exact ideas about your day, we will gladly provide you an individual offer for your wedding.

Exceptions confirm the rule: In case of free capacity, we will gladly accompany you for a shorter time.

There're many advantages to have two wedding-photographers by your side for your wonderful day. Get to know more about our "Team"-work and its benefits...


about Wedding-Photography

Where are your From? Where are your bookable?

We're from Bad Vilbel (near Frankfurt am Main), but for the most beautiful day in your life we also travel through the world. This year we were already able to accompany weddings throughout Germany and we look forward to further weddings with you.

How can we get an offer of yourself? How can we book?

You have two options. Either you call us or send us a message via the contact form. We would be pleased to send you a personal offer with all the details. If you decide for us as wedding photographers, we will be happy to meet you personally by a cup of coffee and get to know more about you and your day. You will then receive your documents from us.

In which period of time are you bookable?

We want to capture all the important moments of your wedding. After a few years of experience as wedding photographers, we have set our starting point of our work at 6 hours. Afterwards, booking is possible up to 12 hours.

Why actually two photographers?

We want to keep your big day in all its facets, moments and emotions. Four eyes, as you know, are more than two, and together we will hold your unforgettable day in images for eternity. You want us to be part of your Getting Ready? Here you have the opportunity to be accompanied by us at the same time. Yasmin at the bride and Tim at the groom.

IN What style are your editing your photos? Also in Black&White?

Our motto is modern but still natural and timeless.

That is why we design your pictures so that they do not look trashy even in 20 years.

All images get the same look, resulting in a consistent picture series. For each wedding, we develop an unique style, which is specially adapted to location, mood and colors. We also like to edit individual pictures in black and white or sometimes even color-key.

How do you handle it with the deposit?

So that you can be sure that we are really coming to your wedding, we charge a deposit of 50% of the booking price.

With the receipt of the deposit, the date is 100% secured for you.

In return, we have the assurance that you will not change your decision at short notice. Because short-term book cancellations, are annoying for us and take other bridal couples the opportunity to use our offers.

How long does it take after the wedding until we can see our wedding photos?

Each image is manually edited by us, that takes some time. In order to submit your pictures in the best possible quality, we need about 6 weeks. Smaller orders can also be processed faster depending on the job situation. Then we send your pictures immediately, in the highest quality and resolution, on a USB stick or a DVD to you.

Fifty places, fifty weddings

In recent years, we have accompanied more than 50 weddings and bridal couples on their big day.

During this time we got to know some places and wedding locations. We were among others in:

Bad Vilbel, Golfhotel Lindenhof Bad Vilbel, Heckers Gründau, Gut Hühnerhof Gründau, Trinkkuranlage Bad Nauheim, Rosenschule Ruf Bad Nauheim, Decher Karben,  Schloss Romrod, Schloss Philippsruhe Hanau, Dolce Bad Nauheim, Fürstliche Remise Gründau, Burg Alzenau, Ingolstadt, Oberursel, Heimbuchentahl, Gelnhausen, Weidenkirche Gedern, Grebenhain, Frankfurt am Main, Chausseehaus Wiesbaden, Jagdschloss Mönchbruch, Römer Frankfurt, Sulzbach, Friedberg ( Hessen), Hofgut Dagobertshausen, Marburg, Seligenstadt, Nieder-Erlenbach, Ober-Erlenbach, Palmengarten Frankfurt, Schloss Heinsheim, uvm......

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