Funbox /  Photobox

For those who have no idea what a "Photobooth" is: A camera and monitor in a box, a background,a studioflash and of course the remote-button to take funny or sometimes serious pictures of you alone or a whole group of friends. It isn't necessary but also common to use different kinds of funny accessories to create the one unique picture. This box not only creates a fabulous mood on every wedding-party but also provides unforgettable pictures for life. It shouldn't be missing when guests asks theirselves what to do actively on a wedding-party especially when the dance floor wasn't opened by the bridal couple.

Our photo-box provides high-qualitative pictures similar to studio pictures and therefor needs a free space of 3x3 meters and a optimum hight of 3m.


Price for Evening/Night inclusive con- & deconstruction with background and accessories: 395€

That could be your unforgettable pictures 

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